Zhu Zhu Pets Pet Carrier Fashionable Handle Purselike Cases


Zhu Zhu Pets pet carriers with handles and side door entryways carry Zhu Zhu pets in style.

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Zhu Zhu Pets enjoy traveling in style inside these fashionable pet carriers. Each carrier is designed to look like a fashionable purse complete with handles and Zhu Zhu Pet insignia. A side door lifts and closes to allow Zhu Zhu Pets to enter and exit. Velcro fasteners keep pets safe inside during transport.

Whether a child’s favorite pet is Zu Zu, Shamrock, Captain Zu, Sabrina, Miss Priss, Sweetie, or Stinker; and even if more than one of the many Zhu Zhu pets available suits a young one’s fancy, there is no doubt that transporting favorites in colorful carrier bags adds to the pet-loving fun.

Choose from 4 different carrier designs as noted below.

. White/pink carrier with ‘I heart ZZP’ with a heart picture rather than the written word. The white carrier is trimmed in pink, has pink handles, and also has a pink ribbon tied into a bow.

. Pink/white carrier is the reverse of the white one and thus is also decorated with ‘I heart ZZP’ but utilizing a heart picture for the written word. The pink carrier is trimmed in white, has white handles, and also has a white ribbon tied into a bow.

. Purple carrier consists of a light purple carrier trimmed with darker purple. The words ‘Zhu Zhu Pets’ is embroidered inside a purple shield surrounded with colorful flowers.

. Pink carrier is opposite of the solid purple one and thus consists of a light poin carrier trimmed in darker pink. The words ‘Zhu Zhu Pets’ is also embroidered inside a purple shield surrounded with colorful flowers.

Details in a NutShell

. Colorful Zhu Zhu Pet Carrier

. Soft fur like fabric (pink and purple carriers)

. Shiny quilt like fabric (pink/white and white/pink)

. Pet entry door alongside carrier

. 2009 Cepia

. Recommended for ages 4 and over

Additional information

Zhu Zhu Pets Carriers

Pink, Purple, White/Pink, Pink/White


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