Zhu Zhu Pets Blue Car & Garage


Zhu Zhu Pets Connecting Garage Plus Blue Car

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Blue Hamster Mobile Car Plus Garage for Driving Zhu Zhu Pets

This is a blue Zhu Zhu Pets car that comes with a parking garage.

Unleash favorite Zhu Zhu Pets and let them drive around town before parking its shiny blue Hamster Mobile in the garage once the busy day is done.

Add the Hamster Mobile on to build a growing Zhu Zhu Pets city.

Details in a NutShell

  • 1 Zhu Zhu Pets Car
  • 1 Zhu Zhu Pets Garage
  • 1 Tunnel Section
  • 2 Connectors

Age recommendation is 4 years and over.


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