Yummi-Land – Rachel Raspberry Swirl Doll 4 Years and Over


Rachel Raspberry Swirl Ice-Cream Pop Dolls Plus Bobble-head Pet.

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Rachel Raspberry Swirl is an Ice-Cream Pop Girl who comes with her bobble-head pet Palamo Pistachio.

The doll and the pet along with accessories come inside individual twist open soda pop bottles. The soda bottles open from the bottom so the doll and pet can exit and re-enter their cases with ease. Each bottle is topped with a collector cap that reveals a secret message.

Rachel wears a yellow and pink ice-cream swirled dress and an exclusive matching tiara..

Her pet Palamo Pistachio wears an ice cream cone on its head.

Includes secret message, brush, and hairband, sweet scent.

Doll stands approximately 5-1/2 inches tall.

Bottle doubles as doll stand.

Vintage year 2009.

Recommended age is 4 years and over.

NOTE: Due to the age of these collector dolls, parents/adults must judge condition of included gloss prior to allowing child to use…

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