Yummi-Land Paris Peppermint Creme Fashion Doll Plus Pet


Paris Peppermint Creme Soda Pop Girls Limited Edition Doll Plus Bobble-Head Pet Ages 4 and Over.

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Paris Peppermint Creme is a mint scented Yummi-Land fashion doll from the 2008 Creme Soda Pop series and only a limited number of these dolls were released.

Each Paris Peppermint Creme doll comes with a white brush that has a gingerbread decal and a candy cane stick handle.

Paris wears a red and white candy striped hat with crinoline veiling and carries a candy striped purse filled with peppermint lip gloss. She is dressed to a tee in her lovely beaded multi-tiered red dress, white gloves with red ribbons, and gold ankle strapped heels with bows above the toes. Her sassy dress also has soft fluffy fur beneath the chin area.

Ginny Gingerbread Husky, Paris Peppermint’s pet dog, checks in looking dapper as well with her pink tipped tail and chest as well as the beautiful red bow atop her head. The tips of Ginny’s paws have gentle splashes of sparkly purple accents as if she were wearing toenail polish.

As with other Yummi-Land dollls, Paris’ box includes a secret message, a brush, and a hairband.

Doll stands approximately 5 inches tall.

Bottle doubles as doll stand.

Recommended age is 4 years and over.

NOTE: Due to the age of these collector dolls, parents/adults must judge condition of included gloss prior to allowing child to use…


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