Yummi-Land – Natty Nutty Sundae Doll Plus Pet


Natty Nutty Sundae Yummi-Land Sundae Pop Girls – Doll Plus Bobble-Head Pet.

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Natty Nutty Sundae is a 2009 Sundae Pop Girl. She comes with birthday tag for a special girl who loves sweet surprises! Natty also comes with an ice cream sundae purse, lip gloss, and a head band.

Natty Nutty Sundae is decked out in a blue and brownish outfit including blue and reddish brown striped leggings that complement her pet lion’s coloring. Taupe colored straps cross her shoulders and a matching bow adorns her bodice at the waist. On her feet she sports a pair of short-length peachy boots with blue bows.

Natty’s pet lion, Macy Maple Cream, wears a flowered hat atop its gentle feline mane.

As demonstrated by the confetti on her colorful blue box, Natty Nutty Sundae is ready to party.

In addition to accessories, Natty’s box comes equipped with a Happy Birthday tag as shown in the list of product images included with this listing. A polka dotted bow seals the deal to make this doll and pet a special gift for girls who love sweet things.

As with other Yummi-Land dollls, Natty’s box includes a secret message, a brush, and a hairband, plus an aromatic sweet scent.

Doll stands approximately 5 inches tall.

Bottle doubles as doll stand.

Recommended age is 4 years and over.

NOTE: Due to the age of these collector dolls, parents/adults must judge condition of included gloss prior to allowing child to use…

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