Yummi-Land – Lucy Lollipop Doll Plus Pet


Lucy Lollipop Candy Pop Girls Plus Bobble-head Pet Leopard.

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Lucy Lollipop is one of the Yummi-Land Candy Pop Girls from 2008.

Lucy checks in with a cute little lollipop shaped brush, an exclusive candy shaped tiara, and a hardball candy purse containing lollipop lip gloss. The brush is pink with red swirls. It has a candy stick handle and a blue bow.

Lucy’s outfit is blue, orange, orange, and hot pink. She wears a blue leotard beneath a multi-colored tiered crinolin skirt. A bright pink scarf sways across her chest.

On her feet, Lucy sports pink and yellow bowed ankle strapped heels.

Her Piper Peanut Butter wears a yellow bowed ribbon between its ears.

Includes secret message, brush, and hairband, sweet scent.

Doll stands approximately 5 inches tall.

Bottle doubles as doll stand.

Recommended age is 4 years and over.

NOTE: Due to the age of these collector dolls, parents/adults must judge condition of included gloss prior to allowing child to use…

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