Yummi-Land Dolls – Katie Cotton Candy Doll Plus Pet


Katie Cotton Candy – Candy Pop Girls – Doll Plus Bobble-head Pet.

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Katie Cotton Candy is one of the Yummi-Land Candy Pop Girls. She checks in with a lollipop brush, an exclusive cotton candy tiara, a hard candyball purse, and cotton candy lip gloss.

Katie Cotton Candy’s outfit includes a pink and white striped leotard with fur at the collar and a pink crinoline skirt. A pink puffy ball adorns her waist as well. She also wears pink and white heels with bows and ankle straps.

Katie’s extra long hair is blond with pink streaks. Her pet pig, Giddy Gumdrop, wears a cream colored bowed ribbon between its ears.

Includes secret message, brush, and hairband, sweet scent.

Doll stands approximately 5 inches tall.

Bottle doubles as doll stand.

Recommended age for this doll is 4 years and over.

2008 MGA

NOTE: Due to the age of these collector dolls, parents/adults must judge condition of included gloss prior to allowing child to use…

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