Explorer Guide Book For Young Adventurers


A Daring Guide For Young Adventurers

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This vintage hardcover explorer guide for young people is intriguing, eye opening and informative.

The Society of Intrepid Explorers invites kids to join them on a bold adventure to explore the unknown parts of the world. This daring guide teaches young explorers how to search for lost jungle cities, brave the icy wastes of the Antarctic, and sail to faraway lands by following advice from great historic explorers.

Lessons in this guide aim to prepare young explorers for adventurers in no time.

Included in the guide are pop-ups, booklets, flaps, letters, and an adventurer’s board game.

Details in a Nutshell:

  • 1 Hardcover Youth Explorer Guide Book
  • The Society of Intrepid Explorers
  • Filled with explorer lessons, pop-ups, fold out pages, letters, and more
  • 2007 The Templar Company Plc.
  • First U.S. Edition

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