Ty Beanie Baby Dynamite Monkey Plus Bear Pin


Ty Beanie Baby Dynamite Monkey Plus Bear Pin

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Dynamite Ty Beanie Baby Monkey Plus “I Love You” Heart Pin

Dynamite is a red and white monkey Ty beanie baby that comes holding a large pink heart. Dynamite’s body is red and his hands, feet, and face are white. He sits about 10 inches high and thus is even taller when measured from head to toe.

Dynamite is a vintage collectible monkey from 2008 and his Ty Classic beanie tag is attached and in excellent condition. Beans fill his feet and buttocks.

Included with this Ty beanie monkey is a bear lapel pin that reads “I love you”. The gold tone pin is made from metal; and it looks great on collars or lapels as well as on other clothing items such as hats, dresses, shirt button holes, and any place pin accessories adorn outfits.

The pin comes on a card with a loving verse by J. Hinkle, Thoughtful Little Angels.

A message is printed on front of the card that reads:

I Love You Beary Much
This little teddy bear has a very important
job to do.
To deliver a big HUG and say these
special words to you.
“I love you. I love you beary much,
and have right from the start.
And keep thoughts of you always close
within my heart!”

The back of the card has to and from areas to write names.

This beautiful little pin is proudly made in the USA.

Bear Pin UPC 840466007515​​​​​

NOTE: There are 5 4 3  * 2 *  beanie monkeys and 3 2 * 0 *  bear pins remaining for this item. Bear pins will go to the first 3 purchasers only… The pins are added as extras and do NOT change the price of this listings… When pins sell out, remaining sales are for Dynamite beanies only!

Details in a NutShell

    • 1 Ty Beanie Baby Dynamite Monkey
    • 1 Thoughtful Little Angels Bear Pin
    • Beanie Has Soft, Plush Body
    • Bear Is Made From Metal
    • Beanie Stands 10+Inches
    • Bear Stands 3/4 Inch


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