Twister DVD Dance Game Easy TV Hookup!


Twister DVD Dance Game with Fast and Easy TV Hookup Up to 4 Players

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Twister Dance Game DVD Set by Milton Bradley – Easy Hookup TV Game

This Twister DVD dance game is for kids over eight as well as teens and adults!

Twist and dance to have fun while getting in shape!

Keep it going to stay in shape!

Just about everyone knows that the game of Twister has been a fun family game for years on end but this version takes twisting play to a whole new level.

Updating game play for new generation gamers was cinchy since Milton Bradley merely had to incorporate the games gist into modern mindsets for gaming fun.

Now, in addition to maneuvering your body about from red circles to blue ones, players also get to move about to Twister dance music. No wonder this Twister dance DVD game helps you to get into shape and have fun at the same time. Personal dance coach takes you helps you get started!

The game includes four colorful dance mats to show where to put hands and feet during play. Which means, of course, as many as four gamers can play at the same time.

Players use hands and feet to imitate Twister dance moves once the game is connected to TV.

DVD setup is Easy & Fast!

Helping to keep play interesting is the fact that this DVD version of Twister includes 40 different sessions players from eight years old to adults can enjoy.

All of these traits and many more make Twister Dance DVD great for family entertainment as well as a blast for party FUN!!! :}

Details in a Nutshell

. 1 Twister DVD Dance Game

. Includes 4 Mats

. 40 Dance Session Routines

. Fast & Easy TV Hookup!

. Choose Your Location

. 1 – 4 Players

. Vintage Year 2006 from Milton Bradley / Hasbro

. Recommended for kids over 8 years of age.


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