Teletubbies Talking Plush Huggable Dolls Tinky Winky Dipsy Laa Laa Po


Talking Teletubbies Soft Plush Dolls Tinky Winky Dipsy Laa Laa Po



Talking Teletubbies Dolls Plush & Huggable

Tinky Winky Dipsy Laa-Laa Po Teletubbies have TVs in their bellies. They talk when their bellies are pressed.

What a joy it was when these talking Teletubbies firts appeared on TV back in 1997. They continued to air in the United States from 1997 – 2001.

The cute little alien beings, also referred to as mythical characters, with the funny antenna heads and cute little voices aimed at preschool kids, became an instant sensation for children and parents alike. Their plump bright colored bodies and round cheery faces drew television viewer attention comparable to a bone enthralling a dog. Onlookers anticipated which television screen would turn on from which colorful belly body during each broadcast episode.

Lined up from tallest to smallest

Tinky Winky comes first in the lineup with a triangular shaped antenna atop his head. Tinky Winky is a purple Teletubbie. As with his cohorts, he has large brown eyes, a pug nose, and a big smile. As is often the case with aliens, Tinky Winky nor the rest of the Teletubbies have eyebrows or eyelashes.

Next comes the neon green Teletubbie called Dipsy.

A long prong-like antenna sits atop Dipsy’s head almost like a spear with a blunt rather than a sharp tip. Dipsy has a cute little dimple on each of his cheeks. He also has a darker complextion than Tinky Winky and Po. For this matter, as seen in the images, the same can be said about Laa-Laa.

Speaking of Laa-Laa, this bright yellow alien being has a prong shaped antenna similar to Dipsy’s. Unlike Dipsy’s upright transmitter, however, Laa-Laa’s antenna is longer and it curls around and upward from its center.

The last of the Teletubbies foursome is itty bitty Po who is a red being with a circular antenna atop its head.

Why the antennas…?? One might ask…

The short answer is for reception to make the televisions in their bellies operate. These operations could be seen when watching Teletubbies in action (on television of course) when the program was airing. Although the program is currently off the air, parents can log on to the BBC website and play Teletubbie games with their little ones.

Teletubbies talk, laugh, and sing when their bellies are squeezed. This action depresses talk boxes located inside their plush padding as shown on the left.

Talk box pockets close via velcro strips (as shown in images below).

Each Teletubbie says its name as well as phrases like eh-oh, big hug, again-again, and bye-bye.

Vintage year for these talking Teletubbies is 1998.

Created by Ragdoll Productions for Playskool/Hasbro.

Licensed by the itsy bitsy Entertainment Company.

These Teletubbies are machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle. Talk boxes must be removed before washing immersing the dolls in water. Manufacturer recommends tying inside a pillow case to preserve fabric stability. Washing instruction tags are intact on the Teletubbies’ bodies.Teletubbies Tag of Authenticity

Talking Dipsy 5567/5564 Asst.

Talking Tinky Winky 5568/5564

Talking Laa Laa 5566/5564

Talking Po 5565/5564

Please Note: These Teletubbies are in used and in Very Good++ Condition.

Details in a NutShell

. Talking Teletubbies Plush Dolls With TV Bellies

. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa, Po

. Used Very Good++ Condition

. Recommended for ages 4 and over

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Teletubby Plush Talking Dolls

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa, Po


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