Tamagotchi Music Stars Techno Sound Handheld Electronic Pet Black


Tamagotchi Music Stars Techno Sound virtual pet is a black handheld pocket size digital electronic game from Bandai.

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Techno Sound is a Tamagotchi Music Star virtual pet that lives inside an electronic egg. Kids interact with it via its virtual game capacity and support it on its journey to becoming a great pop star.

Techno Sound’s egg shell is black with red and white sound level notations. Earphones go from one side of the egg to the other as if on a human’s head. Techno Sound’s buttons are white. It comes with a blue Gotchi guitar pick charm.

Helping Techno Sound to reach its goal of becoming a great pop star means taking good care of it and playing games that keep its egg encased being happy and strong.

Tamagotchi Music Stars virtual pets fit easily into pockets and purses. Kids can take them practically everywhere they go. This helps keep children occupied during moments wherein a little entertainment goes a long way; while at the same time, kids are able to keep their musicians striving along their journeys.

Once Tamagotchi Music Stars reach certain levels, they are able to expand their musicianship by forming bands.

Details In A Nutshell

. 1 Tamagotchi Techno Sound Virtual Pet

. Vintage year 2009 Bandai

. 8 Music Games

. 20+ Instruments

. Recommended age is 8 and over

. #Asst 26300 / Item #26302

. Made in the China


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