Tamagotchi Gotchi Gear Tama-Decoratchi Kit Decorates Tama Egg Case


Tamagotchi Gotchi Gear tama-decoratchi Kit Personalizes Tama Egg Case – Choose Gold or Green Crystal Gems



Gotchi Gear consists of Tamagotchi products that enhance Tama play and collections. Tama-decoratchi kits add bling to Tamagotchi egg shell cases. Use crystal gems gear to personalize eggs after encasing them inside clear shell included in the Gotchi Gear kit.

Also included in the kit are decorative stickers that also at personalization to Tamagotchi pets.

Details in a Nutshell

. Tamagotchi Gotchi Gear

. Decorative Gems & Stickers & Case

. Bandai 2007

Additional information

Tamagotchi Decoratchi Kit

Gold gems, Green gems


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