Tamagotchi Connection V4.5 Pocket Size Handheld Virtual Pet Lt Green


Tamagotchi Connection V4.5 virtual pet is a handheld pocket size digital electronic game from Bandai.

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Tamagotchi virtual pets live the Tama life inside electronic eggs shaped cases. Kids interact with Tamagotchi pets via the virtual game capacity and support their pets journeys through their Tama careers.

This V4.5 Tamagotchi has a light green case with black swirls plus purple a purple star and purple buttons. In the V4.5 Tamagotchi virtual pet version games, gamers play new games and discover new characters as well as career choices not offered in earlier game versions.

Helping Tamagotchi pets reach their goal of becoming successful means taking good care of them and playing games that keep the characters happy and strong. Characters become rock stars, rescuers, dancers, or painters.

Tamagotchi virtual pets fit easily into pockets and purses. Kids can take them practically everywhere they go. This helps keep children occupied during moments wherein a little entertainment goes a long way; while at the same time, kids are able to keep their virtual pets striving along their journeys.

Details In A Nutshell

. 1 Tamagotchi Virtual Pet V4.5

. Green with Black Swirls

. Vintage Year 2007 Bandai

. Recommended age is 8 and over

. #Asst 19600 / Item 19632

. Made in the China


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