Ceaco Kids 100 Piece Glow in Dark Puzzle Stegosaurus


Ceaco Kids 100 Piece Puzzle Glow in the Dark Finish Depicts Prehistoric Dinosaurs

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Stegosaurus 100 piece puzzle by Ceaco Kids that glows in the dark. It depicts a large brown Stegosaur standing on rocks and greenery near a stream during prehistoric times.

Puzzle dimensions approximately 11 x 15 inches {28 x 38 cm}.

Stegosaur’s brown body is topped with a thick protective covering as well as spikes and plates to ward off enemies. These spikes helped Stegosaur to defeat adversaries during life-preserving battles. His long tail carried strong round clubs the dinosaur could use for swinging during battle. His feet had long clawed tips.

This prehistoric world themed Stegosaurus puzzle is set in ancient scenery of a desert climate. An ancient bird, perhaps a pterodactyl, flies overhead just above the stream of water. Desert plants filling the ground bare no impact on the rough Stegosaurus’ feet as he tramps his way along the harsh terrain.

Other dinosaurs in the scene include a pterodactyl and a prehistoric crocodile (or alligator).

Item Details

. 100 Piece Ceaco Puzzle Depicts Dinosaur Scene

. Stegosaur Pus Strong Body and Weapons on Display

. Several Dinosaurs in Scene

. Finished size = 11 x 15 inches (28 x 38 cm)

. 2008 Ceaco Kids

. Item Number 1604-17

. Made in the USA

Age recommendation for this Ceaco Kids puzzle is 5 years old and over.


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