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Mini Blue Smurfs Figure Smurfette Girl Smurf

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Les Schtroumpfs – Smurfs Characters

Collectible Blonde Hair Smurfette Smurfs PVC Girl Figurine

This is a mini Smurfette Smurfs figure that used to have dark hair. Papa Smurf turned her hair blonde while transforming her character from evil to tame. She was the first girl to live in the Smurfs’ village.

Smurfette, particularly after becoming more pleasant, became a lover of flowers and the color pink.  She wears a white dress with circles throughout its fabric, white high heel shoes, a stringy boa, and the traditional Smurfy hat.

Smurfette Smurf is a vintage Smurfs character from the 1980’s. She is secure inside and has never been removed from her original plastic packaging; however, portions of the card have been cut away.

A bit more about the Smurfette’s package:

The edges of the package have been trimmed; however, you can still see portions of the word “Schleich”.

Details In A Nutshell

    • Smurfette Smurfs Figure
    • First Smurf Girl Figure
    • Stands Approximately 2 Inches Tall
    • Schleich/Jakks Pacific/Peyo
    • Vintage Year 1980’s

Recommended for ages 3 and over.


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