Papa Smurfs’ Mushroom House Science Laboratory


Papa Smurf Folding Mushroom House Plus Figure & Accessories

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Papa Smurfs’ Mushroom House Complete with Figure & Science Lab

Papa Smurf is the village leader. He is more than 542 years old! He uses the wisdom gained through the years to protect his fellow Smurfs and Smurfettes.

Rooms in this mushroom house include bedroom, kitchen, classroom, and laboratory. Besides sleeping in his bed and eating at his table, Papa Smurf teaches young Smurfs in his classroom and creates potions in his lab. The house folds for easy transport and opens out for pretend play.

This is one in a set of three Smurf mushroom houses made in this series.

Details In A Nutshell

    • Papa Smurf Mushroom House
    • Includes 1 Papa Smurf Figure
    • Includes Accessories
    • House Folds for Easy Travel
    • Play Along/Jakks Pacific
    • Item #33250
    • Vintage Year 2008

Recommended for ages 4 and over


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