Smurf Brushing Teeth Holding Toothbrush and Toothpaste


Mini Blue Smurfs Figure Brushing Teeth

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Collectible Blue Smurfs Tooth-Brushing PVC Figure

This is a mini Smurfs figure that prides himself on keeping his teeth clean and white. He comes with a red tube of toothpaste and a tan handled toothbrush. His toothbrush builds toothpaste foam as he swipes his teeth with the brush’s bristles.

This vintage Smurf is from 1979. He comes in a package that has been trimmed from its original size; however, the little blue guy is secure inside. The package has never been opened thus the Smurfs’ condition is pristine.

As clearly demonstrated via the images, this Smurfs character makes tooth-brushing a mess as he smears toothpaste foam over his face and dribbles from his mouth.

The Smurfs’ large yellow toothbrush is rather big; probably about three or four times the size of his mouth.

The red tube of toothpaste is more than twice his body length. A good sized portion of toothpaste curves upward from the top of the opened tube.

This Smurf is dressed in the traditional Smurfs’ pointy white hat. He also wears the usual white pants and has blue body parts.

As far as the vintage date goes, the bottom of the Smurfs’ left foot says he is from 1979.

A bit more about the brushing teeth Smurfs’ package:

The edges of the package have been trimmed; however, you can still see most of the word “Schleich” on the back at the left bottom corner.

The back also has a picture of some of other Smurfs including the girl and a boy with the words “Be Mine” on his shirt.

The picture on the back also has mushrooms, including a mushroom house with a ladder going to the roof, a Smurf playing basketball, a Smurf riding a tricycle.

The clear front plastic portion of the package has a few dents that may not be clear in the item photo. Also, the front of the package says this Smurf is “From Wallace Berrie & Co. Inc.”

Details In A Nutshell

    • Smurfs Tooth-Brushing Figure
    • Stands Approximately 2 Inches Tall
    • Includes Toothbrush & Toothpaste
    • Schleich/Jakks Pacific/Peyo
    • Vintage Year 1979

Recommended for ages 3 and over.


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