Shooting Toy Marbles for Playing Plus Marble Targets in Net Sacks


Toy Playing Marbles with Shooters and Targets in Netted Sacks


Playing Toy Marbles In Net Sacks Shooters and Targets

Bobby Bengal Tiger Danny Dragon Walt Wizard Bennie Bumblebee

Walt Wizard Marbles
Marbles In Net Sacks

Each set of marbles comes in a reusable plastic net sack. Each sack contains 20 colorful playing marbles and one matching shooter marble. Although all of the marbles are actually for playing, the shooter is larger than the other twenty marbles. The larger size makes it easier to hold the shooters when aiming them at the smaller target marbles. Plus, the bigger size also makes it easier to make contact with smaller marbles in order to knock them out of game play rings. These bags of marbles are intended for children four years of age and older.

Details in a Nutshell

. 20 Target Marbles Plus 1 Shooter Per Sack

. Glass Construction

. Bright Colors

. Reusable Net Sacks

. Made in the China

Age recommendation for this Mega Brands puzzle is 5 years old and over.

Additional information

Marbles in Netted Sacks

Rocky Rooster, Benjy Blue Jay, Darby Dragonfly, Steely Torpedo, Danny Dragon, Bennie Bumblebee, Walt Wizard, Bobby Bengal Tiger


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