Riot Strike Batman Action Figure Gold Utility Belt


Mattel DC Comics Batman Action Figure Super Hero

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Mattel’s Batman Battle Belt action figure comes ready to fire at wicked enemies in order to take them down malicious villains in order to keep Gotham City safe for its citizens.

In addition, Battle Belt Batman wears protective blue and gray armor along with his bat cape. Battle Belt Batman also comes with gold action gear that includes 2 utility belts, a powerful missile launcher, and 2 missiles. Store missiles in the launcher until ready to fire at foes. 

This Battle Belt Batman is one in a collection of 9 action figures that include Sonic Spy, Staff Strike, Punch Packing – The Joker, and Con Blast Two Face with each figure sold separately.

This DC Comics Dark Night figure is from Warner Brothers Entertainment and made by Mattel.

Ages 4 and Up

Manufactured in China

Part number is P4480

Asst number N6384


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