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TMNT APRIL Ravishing Reporter

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The Ravishing Reporter!

Gutsy news gal April Ninja Turtle is the world’s most ravishing reporter. Thais means you’re dealing with the gutsiest glamour gal to ever say, “We’ll be back after these messages.”

With that said, do not be fooled about her take-down abilities!

Ravishing April wears a detachable skirt that allows her to kick high and low as well as carries a slew of weapons to accessorize her ravishing appearance and take-down abilities.

April wears a black, purple, and green outfit complemented with black heels.  She also wears a gold belt around her waist.

Weapons included in the package consist of Ninja file sai, lipstick nunchaku, compact Nina star, kowabunga camera, katana blade curling iron, amd makeup brush battle bo.

Package back also includes cut-out stats collector card.

Details In A Nutshell

  • 1 Ravishing April Reporter TMNT Figure
  • Vintage year (around) 1992 Playmates
  • Recommended age is 4 and over due to small parts
  • Asst #5470 / Stock #5479


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