Raining Cats and Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle PreAssembled and Framed


Assembled Framed Jigsaw Puzzle “Raining Cats and Dogs” as the saying goes rainy weather scene…

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Raining Cats and Dogs themed jigsaw puzzle is appropriately named for the downpour of rain coming from the sky. In addition to the rain, cats and dogs fall from the clouds as well because, as the saying goes, some times it rains cats and dogs… Wow! Look at all that rain!!

This is a preassembled jigsaw puzzle encased in a metal frame setting. The puzzle has 3Dimensional holographic effects.

Puzzle may be removed from frame for reassembling the 500 pieces. Suggested reassembly age is 12 and over.

Puzzle dimensions are 20 inches x 16 inches which equates to 508 mm x 406mm.

Reasons to Choose Preassembled Puzzles

. Make great gifts for puzzle enthusiasts

. Add spice to plain walls

. Offer artistic appeal to any room

. Make great conversation pieces

. May be disassembled and reassembled

Pictures of assembled puzzles are attached to frame-backs for reference when reassembling puzzles.

Item Details

. 500 Piece Raining Cats and Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle

. Finished size = 20 inches x 16 inches

. Age recommendation for reassembly is 12 and over


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