Double Loop Stunt Car Set Maximum Speed


Stunt Car Set Light Up Action!

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Motorized Cars and Track Explode with Light!!

Includes Over 12 Feet of Track!

This double loop stunt car set sends cars speeding at speeds over 600 miles per hour! It contains a light-up hairpin curve that flashes red light as the cars travel down the tracks; and in fact, the motorized cars and track explode with light!!

While zooming their cars down the track, racers attempt the ultimate 360 x 2 traveling through the double loop. Also, attempt the ultimate 360 jump as shown in the box back images.

Utilizes pull back and release action for maximum speed!!

Included in the box is a photon belt clip that allows for clipping the car to belt loops or back packs and such in order to tote them along.

Details in a Nutshell

  • 1 Pullback Action Speed Car
  • Light-up Cars and Track
  • Trendmasters 2000
  • Item/Model #398548
Recommended for kids over 4 years of age.


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