Marbles Collection Jigsaw Puzzle PreAssembled and Framed


Assembled Framed Jigsaw Puzzle “Marble Collection” Potpourri of Marbles

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Marble Collection themed jigsaw puzzle contains various sizes, shapes, and colors of marbles. Various designs add to the wonder of the puzzle as well. The different sized and styled marbles overlap each other in a manner that makes assembling this puzzle a wonderful challenge. Although the work is already done and the puzzle is ready to hang and enjoy pieces may be disassembled and then reassembled for those up to the challenge!

This is a preassembled jigsaw puzzle encased in a brass tone metal frame.

Puzzle may be removed from frame for reassembling the 1000 pieces. Suggested reassembly age is 12 and over.

Puzzle dimensions are 20 1/8 inches x 26 3/16 inches which equates to 51.12 cm x 65.52 cm.

Reasons to Choose Preassembled Puzzles

. Make great gifts for puzzle enthusiasts

. Add spice to plain walls

. Offer artistic appeal to any room

. Make great conversation pieces

. May be disassembled and reassembled

Pictures of assembled puzzles are attached to frame-backs for reference when reassembling puzzles.

Item Details

. 1000 Piece Marble Themed Puzzle

. Finished size = 20-1/8 inches x 26-3/16 inches

. Age recommendation for reassembly is 12 and over


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