Kerstie Easter Tweets Barbie’s Little Sister Kelly Doll


Kerstie Easter Tweets Kelly Doll In Chick Egg Costume

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Kerstie Easter Tweets Kelly doll presents as a little chick after emerging from its egg because she wears a cute baby chick costume.

The costume consists of a purple feather outfit, orange stockings, with a blue egg-shaped hat and skirt.

Kerstie Easter Tweets Kelly has long reddish brown hair and brownish eyes that complement her chick-a-dee outfit.

Details In A Nutshell

  • Box includes 1 Kerstie [Kelly] doll, her outfit, egg top and bottom
  • Also includes 1 sheet of stickers
  • Doll height is approximately 5 inches
  • Comes in birdhouse shaped box
  • Intended for children 3 years old and over
  • Asst. B1799/B1842
  • Made in China

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