Jokey Smurf Carrying Flowers & Yellow Wrapped Gift


Mini Blue Smurfs Figure Jokey Gifting Smurf

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Les Schtroumpfs – Smurfs Characters

Collectible Blue Jokey Smurf Gifting PVC Figure

This is a mini Smurfs figure that comes with a gift and a bouquet of flowers. The gift package is wrapped in yellow wrapping paper and tied with a red ribbon bow. The flower bouquet consists of a large yellow flower and smaller red flowers.

Jokey Smurf with his gift presentation is here to help Smurfs lovers give or receive loving fun in genuine Smurfy style.

In one of his hands, Jokey Smurf carries a yellow gift wrapped present tied brightly with a red bow. In his other hand, he carries a beautiful bouquet of red and yellow flowers.

Jokey is a vintage Smurf from the 1980’s. He is secure inside and has never been removed from his original plastic packaging; however, portions of the card have been cut away.

This Smurf is dressed in the traditional Smurfs’ pointy white hat. He also wears the usual white pants and has blue body parts.

A bit more about the Jokey Smurfs’ package:

The edges of the package have been trimmed; however, you can still see portions of the word “Schleich”.

Details In A Nutshell

    • Smurfs Jokey Figure
    • Stands Approximately 2 Inches Tall
    • Holds Flowers & Gift Box
    • Schleich/Jakks Pacific/Peyo
    • Vintage Year 1980

Recommended for ages 3 and over.


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