Indiana Jones Action Figures


Indiana Jones Action Figures


Indiana Jones Poseable Action Figures Plus Accessories

Choose poseable Indiana Jones action figures from the Indy adventure movies “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”.

Each action figure comes with his favorite weapons plus a box with a hidden secret relic.

Characters include the following:

Indiana Jones Figure  Indiana Jones   Indiana Jones - Irina Spalko - Email Large  Irina Spalko

Indiana Jones - Mutt with Sword - Email Large  Mutt Williams  Indiana Jones - Mutt with Snake - Email Large Sword or Snake

Indiana Jones Ucha Warrior - Email Large   Ucha Warrior   Indiana Jones - Sallah - Email Large   Sallah

Indiana Jones - Rene Belloq - Email Large   Rene Belloq      Indiana Jones - Cairo Swordsman - Email Large   Cairo Swordsman

Indiana Jones - German - Email Large  German Soldier Indiana Jones - Russian Soldier - Email Large  Russian Soldier

Available while supplies last!

Indiana Jones character figures make great fun for collectors as well as gamers four years of age and older. They are vintage action figures that have become rare. Also, the rarity of these figures may give gamers advantage over other adventure players whose collections do not include characters found at this site…

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Indiana Jones Action Figures

Indiana Jones, Irina Spalko, Mutt Williams Snake, Mutt Williams Sword, Ucha Warrior, Sallah, Rene Belloq, Cairo Swordsman, German Soldier, Russian Soldier


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