Best Blend Chocolate Wall Decor Cocoa Beans Cup Spoon


Best Blends Chocolate Artistic Wall Plaque Decoration with Corded Hanger.

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Best Blend Wall Deco Emphasizing Hot Chocolate Cup Saucer Spoon Saucer

Great for home as well or restaurant display.

This Best Blend hot chocolate or cocoa wall art depicts the hot relaxing beverage flowing from a tilted cup. A spoon with an extra long handle lays across the saucer beneath teardrop splashes of chocolate.

This hot chocolate in a cup wall art makes a great wall decoration for kitchens, restaurants, coffee shops, and office walls. Hang Best Blend chocolate wall art from walls in areas where hot cocoa drinkers as well as everyone else may view and enjoy while dining and sipping beverages of their choice.

Best Blend hot chocolate wall plaque is by New View Studio. The cup is cream colored. It has a reddish brown stripe near the tip of the cup. Cocoa beans randomly sprinkle the stripe. Hot drink leaps toward the rim as the cup is tilted and a splash of chocolate dances into a refreshing spill. A long thin teaspoon lies across the cup matching saucer.

This Best Blend wall art with cocoa beans plaque is 3-Dimensional – not flat.
The cup and saucer, spoon, chocolate, and lettering each extends from the resin base. The plaque easily brings a taste of country living to any kitchen, coffee shop, or break room space.

The plaque comes with a metal hanger and easily mounts to and adorns walls anywhere inside the home. It may be used outdoors, in patio rooms, or sun rooms as well.

Details in a Nutshell

. Three dimensional design

. Approximately 4-1/2 x 6-1/4 inch rectangle

. Metal hanging assembly

. Durable resin construction

. New View Studio 2007

Set the scene for hot beverage enjoyment with this Best Blend chocolate plaque.

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