Honey Pie Pony Series 2 Stuffed Animal


Strawberry Shortcake Pal Honey Pie Pony

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Honey Pie Pony from the Strawberry Shortcake doll collection

Honey Pie is golden yellow stuffed pony with gold spots. She wears flowers beneath her ears and above her tail. She has a thick golden yarn mane that matches her long tail. White socks adorn her legs just above her hoofs.

This particular version of Honey Pie is approximately 18 inches tall. She likes sitting on her hind legs smiling as she looks toward the skies. Honey Pie is always ready to have fun and put a smile on the faces of all that adore her.

Details in A NutShell

  • 18 Inch Stuffed Honey Pie Pony
  • American Greetings / Kellytoy 2004
  • Item #652890
  • Recommended Age 3 Years and Over


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