Green Ink Pen Minis Plus Hanging Straps


Green Pocket Size Mini Ink Pens Plus Hanging Straps

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Green Ballpoint Ink Pens Strapped – Set of 6

Orders Now Include 2 Extra Pens!

These green ink pens are made small for easy carrying in pockets as well as for using with small notepads.

Hanging from straps attached to the pen tops offer ease of attaching the pens to belt loops, backpacks, lunch pails and other portable items.

Pocket size ink pens keep you prepared for unexpected writing when on the go or at work. This is where the ease of strapped hangers on these green pens make dangling them from belt loops, purses, backpacks and other portable devices a cinch.

Another thing is that the caps are attached to the straps. This helps to keep from losing the caps while writing with the pens.

Details in a Nutshell

  • 8 Green Ink Pens with Hangers
  • Mini Pocket Pens

Age recommendation for these pens is 4 years and over.


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