Good Dog School Desk Set Pencils Paper Notebooks & More!


Good Dog Notebook School Desk Set Paper Pens Ruler Plus Much More!

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Good Dog Notebooks, Pens, Folders and Extras

This school supplies notebook set can be used for home desks as well as carried in backpacks for sleepovers and travel note taking.

The Good Dog insignia depicts a white puppy with a halo above his head. Pink flowers and similar designs decorate the otherwise solid purple background.

Kids write with the pens, draw or take notes on the notepads, keep special secrets in the diary, and make straight lines while learning to measure with the Good Dog ruler. What’s more is kids get to put the Good Dog puzzle together and take it apart again at their will.

Set includes a total of 50+ pieces!

Only one remains for your little dog lover!!

Details in a Nutshell

  • i-Dimension Journal
  • i-Dimension ruler
  • 1 Regular Pen
  • 1 Glamour Pen
  • 1 Large Spiral NotePad
  • 1 Heart Sticky NotePad
  • 1 Lockable Diary
  • 1 35 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
  • 6 Jumbo Stickers
  • 36 Girl-tude Stickers
  • 1 Key Chain
  • 1 Door Knob Hanger
  • 1 Frame

Age recommendation for these pens is 4 years and over.


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