Ferocious Kron Talking Dinosaur Action Figure


Ferocious Kron Posable Talking Dinosaur Action Figure

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Ferocious Kron Dinosaur Action Figure

This talking dinosaur action figure has a battling tail it uses to knock enemy dinosaurs out of his way! He is an action dinosaur figure from Mattel created for Walt Disney Pictures for the movie Dinosaur.

Standing approximately 9 inches from head to tail tip, Ferocious Kron talks, roars and talks when the button is depressed on his back.

Ferocious Kron has moving mouth and arms plus glowing eyes.  when

Ferocious Kron has long fingers and strong claws, moving arms, and glowing eyes. His mouth, neck and tail are movable as well. He also comes with a collectible Dino Decoder Card.

This is one in a collection of 6 dinosaurs from this series.

Details In A Nutshell

  • 1 Ferocious Kronr Dinosaur
  • Vintage year 2000
  • Mattel
  • Recommended age is 3 and over due to small parts
  • #89978
  • Required 3 button cell batteries


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