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Fairies Forever Sticker WorkBooks

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These are vintage Fairies Forever Sticker Books

         Set of 3 !

Remove and reuse stickers while playing games and learning in these children’s activity workbooks.

These sticker books provide hours of imaginary play for children to fill their imaginations while learning at the same time.

Each sticker book contains colorful pretend friends from the fairy world including animals, such as birds, turtles, caterpillars, ladybugs. Sample pages shown in the images above…

Workbook titles include World of Fairies, Fairies At School, and Animal Friends.

Themes are as follows:

The yellow World of Fairies book deals with fairy land objects such as flowers, trees, mushrooms, wands, dancing, honey, fruit, seeds, and more. Also put on a fairy party beneath the full moon using party-related stickers. ISBN 2-7643-0230-4 / UPC 9782764302309

The blue Fairies At School book deals gardening, spelling, flying, swimming, differences between off and on, open and closed, full and empty, as well as other comparisons. Also included is playing music using the removable stickers. ISBN 2-7643-0231-2 / UPC 9782764302316

The green Animal Friends fairy workbook teaches about butterfly patterns, unique fairyland animal species, as well as different familiar animals such as swans, squirrels, rabbits, ladybugs, frogs and more. Also learn to place animals in proper habits whether they live on land, in water, or soar in the sky. ISBN 2-7643-0232-0 / UPC 9782764302323

Details In A Nutshell:

  • Fairies Forever Workbooks
  • Use & Reuse Stickers
  • Educational Play
  • 10 Activity Pages Per Book
  • 2 Pages Reusable Stickers Per Book
  • Phidal Publishing 2005
  • Recommended for ages 5 and up
  • SKU #867079

Additional information

Sticker Books

World of Fairies, Fairies At School, Animal Friends


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