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Cheerios Kids Talking Cereal Dispenser for O-Shaped Cereals.

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General Mills

Talking Cheerios Kids Cereal Dispenser General Mills Front View

Whether your favorite Cheerios cereal is the original brand, Honey Nut,  Multi-Grain, Fruity, or any of the other delicious flavors, this General Mills Cheerios Kids dispenser holds and dispenses those delicious little o-shaped cereal bits for loads of snacking play and breakfast eating fun!

But this dispenser does more than just dispensing cereal!!

All a person has to do is let their fingertip press one of the Cheerios Kids’ tennis shoe tips to get him talking and laughing. He especially loves to speak adorable phrases such as “Oh my!” “Oh boy!” and “Uh-oh Cheerios!”

The Cheerios Kids kid is quite the adorable fellow in his blue jean orange strapped pants outfit over his striped shirt. He wears a cap atop his head in the baseball rally backward style. The kid has Cheerios for cheeks and for pant strap buttons as well.

Cheerios Kid holds an “o” in his right hand. The word Cheerios is written across the front of his overall in black lettering over a yellow background matching the General Mills brand. The back of his rally (shown on the front of his head) reads Cheerios Kids. The back of his cap says Cheerios Big O Power.

Talking Cheerios Kid Back ViewFill the dispenser by pulling the orange rally cap to one side and then pouring in the Cheerios. Dispense cereal by pulling his cap away from the pour hole in the back of his head as well.

This vintage Cheerios ad figure is at least 10 years. The exact year has not been verified but info on that will be added here if the data is uncovered. Meanwhile, prepare to make breakfast and snacking more fun with this cute little guy. Dispense o-shaped cereals at home or take the Cheerios Kid on the road for dispensing on the go. Wherever you prefer to dispense, remember that at this site… most items are rare… hard to find… and first come first served! :}

Details in a Nutshell

. 1 Talking Cereal Dispenser – Cheerios Kid

. 10 1/2 Inches Tall

. Item Number 94037

Age recommendation for this cereal dispenser is 2 years old and over.


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