Bobby LaBonte Cheerios Stock Car #43 Die Cast Metals


Cheerios stock car number 43 driven by Bobby LaBonte featuring additional sponsors such as Betty Crocker, Good Year, Totinos, Hamburger Helper and more.

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Cheerios Bobby Labonte Stock Car #43

This is a mini version of Bobby Labonte’s car number 43 put out by Winner’s Circle.

The list of numerous Bobby Labonte sponsors listed on the vehicle include Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Petty Enterprises, Hamburger Helper, Totinos, Good Year and more.

The stock car’s coloring consists of yellow and turquoise blue with number 43 in white lettering. The Cheerios insignia is written across the hood just above a red spoon.

The display plate resembles a Cheerios cereal box in coloring and title insignia. A golden Cheerio dots the Cheerios I and a right-facing red spoon contains the words Betty Crocker in the scoop.

Also displayed on the plate is the name Petty and the number 43 inside the scoop of a second spoon.

Details in a Nutshell

. Bobby LaBonte Cheerios Stock Car

. Die Cast Metal

. Item Number 70658

. Numerous Sponsors


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