Betty Boop Jigsaw Puzzle 100 Interlocking Pieces


Betty Boop the Pilot Jigsaw Puzzle 100 Interlocking Pieces Airplane Scene

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This Betty Boop puzzle depicts the big-eyed cartoon darling flying in a yellow old-fashioned airplane [or aeroplane as they called planes in the good ol’ days]. The plane is decorated with red stripes on its tail and wings.

Betty Boop sits at the steering wheel wearing pilot goggles and suit and. She is joined by another cartoon character; her friend and cohort Bimbo. Betty also holds two fingers up making the ‘peace’ sign.

The plane smiles from one side of its head to another while a paintbrush, held in a white gloved hand that is extended from a small doorway in the belly of the plane, paints smoke clouds in the sky. The propeller zooms around at the tip of its nose.

Item Details

. Betty Boop 100 Piece Puzzle

. Scene Depicts Flying Airplane

. Assembled Dimensions 12.5 Inches by 15 Inches

. Age recommendation is 5 to 8 years of age


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