Strawberry Shortcake Berries to Blossoms Berry Pretty Pony


Berries to Blossoms Berry Pretty Pony

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Strawberry Shortcake’s Pony Berries to Blossoms

This Berry Pretty Ponies pony is from Playmates and is Strawberry Shortcake’s very own. It is a light colored pony with spots and a strawberry mane.

Berries to Blossoms  wears a green and white necklace with a red strawberry gem. She also wears a pink tutu tied with a green ribbon into a bow. Around her ankles are fuzzy white leggings and her hoofs are painted red.

Accessorize Berries to Blossoms’ hair using the included variety of barrettes and ribbons. But first, smooth her mane tress with the pink brush with flower and swirl decorations.

Her delicious scent is that of sweet strawberries.

Details in a NutShell

  • 1 Berries to Blossoms Pony
  • Stands about 6″ from foot to ears and 5″ from head to buttocks
  • Playmates / Hasbro / American Greetings
  • Asst 19825/19826

Age recommendation for this Shortcake doll is 4 years and over.


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