Bananas In Pajamas B1 and Amy Character Figures


Bananas In Pajamas Dolls Figures Set Plus Playroom

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B1 and Amy Bananas in Pajamas Figures in Play Room

B1 and Amy come in a box that converts to a playroom decorated to look like a scene from the Bananas in Pajamas television show.

B1 is the twin banana to his brother B2; and Amy is one of the teddies that lives in the Bananas In Pajamas neighborhood. The other two teddies are Lulu and Morgan.

B1 wears his typical blue pajamas with white stripes; and Amy wears a colorful flowery designed dress.

On their feet, B1 wears white yellow and white shoes and Amy wears white shoes with mix in match laces. One shoe has a blue lace and the other shoe has a purple one.

Both B1 and Amy wear removable clothes and have poseable arms and legs.

Also included in the box are Bananas in Pajamas stickers.

Please note condition of box in images.

Details in a NutShell

  • 1 Set of B1 and Amy Figures
  • Stand 6 Inches
  • Tomy Asst 6430/19881

Age recommendation is 3 years and over.


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