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Mini Blue Smurfs Figure Baker Man Smurf

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Les Schtroumpfs – Smurfs Characters

Collectible Blue Baker Smurf Spoon Licking PVC Figure

This is a mini Smurfs figure that comes holding a wooden spoon up to his mouth so as to lick delicious batter from one of his recipes as he bakes for the village. The wooden spoon Baker Smurf licks is dark brown and has a long handle.

Baker Smurfs’ favorite thing to do is to bake breads and treats for all the Smurfs in his village. He enjoys seeing smiles spread across their faces as they smell, view, and taste goods prepared from his heart.

Baker Smurf is a vintage Smurfs character from the 1980’s. He is secure inside and has never been removed from his original plastic packaging; however, portions of the card have been cut away.

This Smurf is dressed in a white baker’s pants and coat outfit. Atop his head he wears a large white baker’s hat.

A bit more about the Baker Smurfs’ package:

The edges of the package have been trimmed; however, you can still see portions of the word “Schleich”.

Details In A Nutshell

    • Baker Smurfs Figure
    • Stands Approximately 2 Inches Tall
    • Holds Wooden Spoon
    • Schleich/Jakks Pacific/Peyo
    • Vintage Year 1980’s

Recommended for ages 3 and over.


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