PurpleToyShop.com is the newest sister site of MyStoriesAndPoems.com.
PurpleToyShop.com was founded to separate poetry, stories, articles, plus other types of services and writings from toys, games, home decor, and other goods offered at these sites.
Webmaster and children’s author/poet R.Renee Bembry has tremendous love for toys with emphasis on certain dolls such as Strawberry Shortcake, Yummi-Land, and Disney Princesses. For this reason, several of these types of dolls are finding their way to this website.
ToyFanatik.com and PurpleToyShop.com understand that toy lovers around the world long to share their passions with fellow toy fans and thus welcomes you to post favorite toys as well as toy cravings on your wish list in the ToyFanatik.com blog or PurpleToyShop blog.
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