A Little More About MGA Yummi-Land Dolls

Yummi-Land collector dolls are as sweet as they smell and their pets have luscious scents as well. The various types of Yummi-Land doll sets consist of Ice Cream Pop Girls, Sundae Pop Girls, Candy Pop Girls, Soda Pop Girls, Flower Pop Girls and more.

The larger dolls come in twist open soda bottles that convert into banks for saving coins. The smaller dolls come in twist open bottles as well, however, the smaller bottles are intended to be used as doll stands. With that said, collecting coins in the smaller bottles is easy to do by removing the bottle caps to drop coins into the bottles; as opposed to dropping change through the larger bottlecap slits. All the same, however, girls will want to remove the bottle tops anyway in order to read secret messages written inside the caps.

Other things the different Yummi-Land dolls have in common include bobble head pets, hair brushes, special head bands, delicious sounding names, and age recommendation for kids four-years-old and over. These MGA collector doll sets are from 2008 and 2009. They are very hard to find. Sold out sets remain listed for visitors seeking information on particular dolls.